Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tools you will need to fit a Kitchen.

If you are reading the kitchen blogs, and are one day going to fit your own, then here is a tool check list you will need to accomplish this task.
1. A good power drill/driver
2. A hammer drill
3. Level
4. Jigsaw
5. Hammer
6. Silicone gun
7. Hand saw
8. Clamps
9. A set of drill bits and cutters
10. Router and Router jig ( if you are fitting the work surfaces with routered Joints and not worktop metal jointers)
11.A good assortment of screws (may not be supplied with kitchen)
12.Fine Rasp
13. Contact adhesive
14. Mitre Fix
15. Tiling equipment ( will get around to these tools in a later blog)

You will most definitely need all of these tools,as for the router and jig you could get a competent joiner to do these for you as they do take a long time to master and is really difficult to explain to a novice.
It will be really beneficial to use this method and not to use the germ collecting metal strips. NO NO
I will be attaching some specific tools which i tend to use all the time in my day to day tasks at work.
I will write a few reviews to help you decide which are the best suited for you.

Happy shopping!

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