Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Black mould in cold cupboards?

You may be familiar with the scenario - just a weekend to redecorate a bedroom. Move the furniture out - and there's a black mould patch behind the wardrobe. It's against a cold exterior wall, clearly a damp trap. How do you locally insulate a wall without disturbing the structure? Answer - Warmaline Wall Veneer. It's a roll of thin sheet expanded polystyrene foam which you stick to the wall underneath the final finish. Ordinary wallpaper adhesive (mixed as for blown vinyls) works well to fix it, and you need to cover the whole wall to avoid an unsightly ridge. You can fill in round windows and the like with offcuts, butting them together. Any small gaps can then be levelled with ordinary plaster filler. Give it a couple of coats of cheap white emulsion and it's ready for the final finish. I used ordinary wallpaper, but painting will work just as well. When done, the wall no longer feels cold to the touch and the damp doesn't return. A brilliantly simple solution to a tricky problem, and as a bonus you'll get some extra insulation.

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