Friday, 30 September 2011

Ever thought of fitting your own kitchen?

You could save yourself 100s of pounds by fitting your own kitchen, it really isn't that hard to do.
Over the next few weeks i'm gonna show and explain how to fit a simple kitchen from reading my blog page.
I will teach you :

1    where to get the best kitchen prices from.
2    how to fit your new kitchen from scratch.
3    advise you on electricians and plumbers (which you will need to complete the project)
4    advise on which tools to use and the best ones for the job.
5    Even tiling and finishing off the project
6    All the tips and tricks of the trade
7    I will answer any comments you post to help you achieve your goals.

I will post new blogs every other day so keep posted people..

If there are any other questions about any other DIY problems then don't hesitate to ask.