Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My first experiences in learning Joinery.

When i was in High School i had a few choices as to what i wanted to do for my career options. First i wanted to be an Electrician and secondly a fireman. Never got my head around being a sparky and a friend of my dad was a fire chief, and he said i had no chance of been a Water fairy cos I'm Asthmatic. So i left school with all my GCSEs and got a full time job in a large supermarket warehouse.
    My first day there was to chop and wrap swedes, and i don't mean the human ones...hey we all have to start somewhere.I spent a few years there and saved for my own motor.
    I left and went to a footwear distributor, i packed and picked shoes all day, but at least i wasn't handling vegetables all day,and it was more money.
I soon got bored after a few years then left to go to a Fence Manufacturer. I flew through the interview and started a week later.
    The first day was horrific. The manager showed me how to make a small Trellis, he demonstrated how to use the compressed air gun too. COOL a Gun.
I made about 12 trellis ,as i got more confident i got faster and faster. But low and behold BANG!!
Yes i fired a 1" nail in the end of my finger. Now theres nothing more weird than having a foreign object firmly lodged in your finger, there wasn't even any blood, and it didn't hurt either.
So i trot off up to the office for the manager to have a look."nar then lad " he says ," wots tha bin doin ear ya daft bugger"
    Well i accidentally shot myself boss. I'm gonna have to go to A&E to sort it. "Nar just pull it wi these plyers, itil be reet". Thats what all the lads do ere.
So i took the pliers and braced myself (just short of a stick between my teeth) i pulled the little blighter right out. Almost instantly i experienced a large amount of pain, FOR  F*~#X###** .
Never mind the swearing,you should have seen  the amount of blood that pumped out. The boss almost peed his pants.
    Anyway i bandaged it up and got back to work.
BANG!!  Oh no not again and in the same finger. Now that did hurt,so i trotted back up to the office, i picked up the pliers and yanked. I screamed like a little girl. I looked down and the blooming nail was still there. "Rete lad you will need to go to the A&E now cos you have a small wire attached to the nail, hence why it wont come out"
    So the boss drove me to the Hospital. I eventually got seen too by a Doctor. And do you know what he did, he got out a pair of pliers and pulled it. Well i nearly shot through the roof.
I never shot myself again in the 2 years i was at the fencing company.
What i did learn was the art of making every fence panel design known to man.
     I became really good at working with timber and so then moved towards getting a job on a building site.

More to come tomorrow peeps...

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