Friday, 7 October 2011


Ok your new kitchen is in the process of delivery. Your next step is to find a good plumber and electrician. You cant fit your own kitchen without the expertise of these trades, unless you yourself are qualified to do the tasks of electrics and gas fitting.
    Electrician:  These guys n gals wont even touch most electrics in your house unless you have an up to date RCD consumer board (Fuse box), this will protect your home and family and the sparky doing the work. Your electrician will probably suggest that you have one fitted if you haven't already , if he doesn't suggest this then id be a little weary . Don't forget its safety first.
    When you find your sparky tell them what your plans are for the kitchen and give them a copy of your  kitchen plan.They will then take you through the process and tell you there ideas too. Always ask for a "quotation not an "estimate". A quotation is where the price they give you is the price you pay, an estimate is a close guess and you will normally pay more.
    Always get at least 3 quotations and tell them to itemise the quotation on a letter head or Email so you know what your getting for your money.
    Plumber: You will need a plumber to either disconnect your gas appliances , fit your sink or move your gas supply to another part of the kitchen. The fitting of the sink can be done by you if needs be and probably save you around £100.I can help you with this in a later blog. To disconnect the gas oven or hob or move a supply to another zone is a definite for a plumber and is a no no for you to do yourself.
    The same as the sparky, get 3 quotes and make sure there all pricing for the same job item.

Little tip.. don't always go for the cheapest quote, most times "you get what you pay for" and also trust your own instinct, it can count for more than you think. Its always a good idea to hire a trades person  through a recomendation. Always ask to see there certificates too so you know there properly qualified,  Theres alot of cowboys out there.
   Ok you have choosen your sparky and your plumber and youve given them a start date.
   Next is your shedual

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