Saturday, 24 September 2011

Boys Toys For Xmas

Are you thinking about what to buy your little man for Christmas?
Theres just over 3 months left which isn't long.
My little lad is 3 years old and has seen me with my work tools and is always wanting to play about with them. He loves my drills tape measures hammers and levels etc.He pretends hes drilling small pieces of timber and even trys to measure them.
Its a great way for them to learn how to do things and helps develop an understanding on how things work.
    Me being a responsible parent i keep a very close eye on him ,as tools can be dangerous.So this Charismas i'm going to buy him his own tools just like Daddy's.
    Here's a few items which I'm going to purchase (CLICK ON LINKS --->)
Then i will be writing reviews on these "Boys Toys" to let all my followers know how they compare. 

Happy shopping :-)

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